Reflections On the 2018-2019 Service Year

As Virginia Mentoring Partnership's 2018-2019 cohort of AmeriCorps VISTAs prepares to end service over the next couple of months, every member of the cohort came together to write a reflection of their experience with national service. This post documents their...

What Did I Get Myself Into?

For too long I pretended that one person’s actions couldn’t make an impact. Subconsciously I knew that if I believed that, then it removed my responsibility to do anything about what was happening around me.

The Challenges of Mentoring Older Youth

You can feel the weight of the liquid metal in your hand. You know it’s there and it exists even as it lightens its own load bit by bit, slipping between your fingers and off the edge of your palm.

The Seed that Grows

Four years ago, a seed was planted in Richmond, Va. It was a seed that if nurtured properly, would have the potential to grow tall, grow strong, and spread its roots across the city.

As Bipartisan as Apple Pie

At a time when the country seems to be more divided politically than in recent memory, one would think we could at least agree on something as American as apple pie.